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  Cel-Fi GO

Cel-Fi GO for 3G & 4G


Register your interest in the Cel-Fi GO

New Zealand Carriers are currently reviewing Cel-Fi GO for use on their frequencies. Please register your interest in a Cel-Fi GO and we will advise when your product is released by your carrier. Release is subject to carrier approval.


Cel-Fi GO Stationary
Caravans, Marine, Tractors

Cel-Fi GO Mobile


Introducing New Zealand's first carrier approved in-vehicle repeater

Cel-Fi GO provides 3G and 4G signal boosting capabilities for use in vehicles, transport and custom building applications.



            Boosts 3G and 4G bands (one band at a time)
            Made for vehicle, marine, caravan and transport applications
            Fast tower switching
            70dB of system gain
            Includes external and internal antennas
            Band Selection Button
            Bluetooth WAVE App for iPhone, Android & Computers



            Boosts 3G and 4G bands (one band at a time)
            For building applications
            100dB of system gain
            Up to 900m² indoor coverage area
            Includes external and internal antennas
            Band Selection Button
            Bluetooth WAVE App for iPhone, Android & Computers


Designed for those on the GO



Testing Different Antennas With Cel-Fi GO
During our GO testing we tested several different antenna types to see the effect this had on the boost and the final signal strength on the phone.

Installing GO in a Car
This article explains how to install Cel-Fi GO in a car, different setups and what performance you can expect.

The Cel-Fi GO Booster Models
If you are wondering why the Cel-Fi GO comes in two flavours, a ‘Stationary’ & ‘Mobile’ version, then this is the article you need to read.

Cel-Fi WAVE App
Cel-Fi WAVE offers a window into what is happening within the heart of a Cel-Fi smart booster. It also enables you to control certain features of the unit.

Cel-Fi GO – LED Indicators Explained
As Cel-Fi GO is only able to boost one frequency band at a time, a way of indicating and switching between frequency bands was developed by using a button. The button enables the selection of 3G, 4G/4GX or AUTO (band with strongest signal). An LED indicator displays which band GO is currently boosting.

Unboxing the Cel-Fi GO for boosting mobile phone signal in a car
Today we decided to unbox the Cel-Fi GO Mobile Version, the new repeater for boosting a mobile signal in a car.



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