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  Vodafone PRO

Cel-Fi PRO for Vodafone 3G - 900/2100, 4G -1800/2600

The Cel-Fi PRO Repeater has been tested, authorised and approved by Vodafone for use on the Vodafone New Zealand Network.

Nextivity's third generation Cel-Fi PRO is a cost-effective and intelligent indoor coverage solution for the Vodafone 3G and 4G networks operating on the 3G 900/2100Mhz and 4G 1800/2600 bands. It is designed to dramatically boost indoor voice quality and increase data speeds for HSPA or LTE consumers.

Note: Cel-Fi PRO will boost 3G 900/2100 and 4G 1800/2600. It does not support the 4G 700 band.

The Cel-fi PRO differs greatly from the standard indoor repeater due to its ability to not interfere with the mobile network or other users. Often referred to as a Smart Repeater, the Cel-Fi has the ability to provide maximum coverage, be network friendly and can be easily installed by the end user.

It does this in several ways by

  • continuously monitoring power levels of the cell tower it is connected to and constantly adjusting the Cel-Fi's output power to suit.
  • only amplifying and disbursing a particular carrier’s mobile signal, operating within a set frequency band.
  • not interfering with the carrier’s network or other users on the network.
  • having a unique installation process to eliminate feedback into the mobile network.

Cel-Fi PRO is covered by a 24 month warranty.


 Cel-Fi PRO Specification Sheet

 Cel-Fi PRO Quick Start Guide

Supported Networks

Vodafone New Zealand







30 Day Money Back Guarantee*
If you are not 100% happy with the performance of this product it can be returned within 30 days after purchasing for a full refund minus any shipping charges.


            Easy 5 Minute Setup

            Up to 900m² indoor coverage area

            Locked to the Vodafone Mobile Network

            Mobile Network Protection

            External Antenna Port

            LCD Display

            Bluetooth WAVE App for iPhone, Android & Computers




Easy Purchasing Procedure

- Complete the Application
As a regulatory requirement you first need to answer some simple questions and complete a registration form.


- Place Your Order
Once you have completed your application you will need to place your order with Powertec Telecommunications who will ship your order usually on the same day.





UMTS/3G 900/2100 - Band 8 & 1
Uplink: 880 – 915 MHz, Downlink: 925 – 960 MHz
Uplink: 1920 – 1980 MHz, Downlink: 2110 – 2170 MHz
4G 1800/2600 - Band 3 & 7
Uplink: 1710 – 1785 MHz, Downlink: 1805 – 1880 MHz
Uplink: 2500 – 2570 MHz, Downlink: 2620 – 2690 MHz




Up to 100 dB system gain


Nextivity IntelliBoost Ares


H: 179mm
W: 155mm
D: 110mm
Weight: 540g

H: 160mm
W: 164mm
D: 79mm
Weight: 450g

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Customer must return the Cel-Fi repeater within 30 days of receiving if the product does not perform to their expectations. Item must be returned with all packaging and parts in original condition. Refund component does not include any shipping charges paid.



Operating Temperature: 0° to 40°C
Storage Temperature: -25° to 60°C
Relative Humidity: 5 to 95% noncondensing
12 VDC via external supply (2 included)
External Supply: 100-240 VAC, 47-63Hz
Power Consumption: <25W per unit
External Antenna Port: SMA Female
Programming Ports: Mini-USB
Bluetooth Low Energy
5 GHz link compliant U-NII

CE Mark





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