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  PRO Support

Update a Cel-Fi PRO for Wave


If you have a Cel-Fi PRO that was purchased prior to 15 June 2016 (SW: 0x015018) and want to use the smart phone WAVE App, then you need to send your Cel-Fi to Powertec for an upgrade.


If you need to check your current firmware version

Power up the Network or Coverage Unit

Hold down the 'Light Display' button next to the LCD display until the tech mode screen appears.

Press the 'Light Display' button until you reach the screen titled 'UNII Overview'

The software version will be next to the tite 'UNII Overview' (SW:0x0xxxxxx)

Telstra Firmware Versions
SW 0x0015018 is not compatible with the WAVE app. For more information on how to upgrade the Cel-Fi PRO with SW 0x0015018 or older please create a support ticket here… https://www.powertec.com.au/helpdesk
SW 0x0015023 (and above)


How to Update

Download and install the WAVE Computer Application below on a computer with an active internet connection.

Important: If updating using a mobile internet connection, ensure that you are not relying on Cel-Fi to provide that connection. Cel-Fi will need to restart during the update process and this may cause the software update to fail or require the unit to be returned to Powertec.

 WAVE App for Windows

 WAVE App for MAC

Power up both the Network and Coverage Units, wait for them to establish a connection to each other.

Connect your PRO 'Coverage Unit' to your computer using a 'USB to Micro-USB' cable and wait for device driver to install. This cable is not included with PRO and needs to be purchased seperately. The Micro-USB port can be found under the base of the coverage unit.

This cable is quite common and you may have one already, It is often used for charging a Samsung/LG/Sony phones, with cameras for transfering photos and other computer hardware.

If the computer software does not find your Cel-Fi, then restart the computer application. Once found WAVE will automatically search for updates.

If an update is found press the 'Update' button. This process may take 2 - 20 minutes depending on your internet speed. 'Update Complete' will appear once successful and press OK.




App Software

On your smart phone search for 'Cel-Fi WAVE' on the iPhone or Android store. Run the App when you are next to the coverage unit and it will automatically connect. You will need to disconnect the USB cable before launching the App.

 WAVE App on iTunes

 WAVE App on Google Play



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